yaml4rst package


yaml4rst.cli module

Command line interface of yaml4rst


yaml4rst.reformatter module

Reformatting class of yaml4rst

exception yaml4rst.reformatter.YamlRstReformatterError

Bases: exceptions.Exception

Exception which is thrown by YamlRstReformatter when a unrecoverable error occurred.

class yaml4rst.reformatter.YamlRstReformatter(preset='debops/ansible', template_path='/home/docs/checkouts/readthedocs.org/user_builds/yaml4rst/checkouts/stable/yaml4rst/templates', config=None)

Bases: object

YAML+RST linting/reformatting class with the following features:

Checks for:

  • Reasonable variable namespace
  • Undocumented variables

Automatically fixes:

  • RST sections which are not folds
  • Undocumented variables (adds a FIXME for the user)
  • Documented variables which are not folds
  • YAML documents without a defined header
  • Spacing between variables and sections

Return one string containing all lines.


Read the given input file path and save its content for later processing.


Process (check/lint/reformat) the instance lines.


Write the instance lines to the given output file path and save its content for later processing.

yaml4rst.defaults module

Default configuration of yaml4rst

yaml4rst.helpers module

Helper functions of yaml4rst

yaml4rst.helpers.get_first_match(pattern, strings, ind_offset=None, limit_pattern=None, break_pattern=None, match=True)
yaml4rst.helpers.get_last_index(input_list, search_elems, fallback=None)
yaml4rst.helpers.get_last_match(pattern, strings, ind_offset=None, limit_pattern=None, match=True)
yaml4rst.helpers.insert_list(base_list, ind, add_list)
yaml4rst.helpers.list_index(input_list, elem, fallback=None)

Module contents

Linting/reformatting Python package for YAML files documented with inline RST