CLI interfaceΒΆ

Linting/reformatting tool for YAML files documented with inline RST

usage: yaml4rst [-h] [-V] [-d] [-v] [-q] [-n]
                [-o OUTPUT_FILE [OUTPUT_FILE ...]] [-i] [-p PRESET]
                [-e CONFIG_KV]
                input_file [input_file ...]
Required Arguments
input_file One or more file paths to be processed. ‘-‘ will read from STDIN.
Optional Arguments
-V="==SUPPRESS==", --version="==SUPPRESS=="
 show program’s version number and exit
-d, --debug Write debugging and higher to STDOUT|STDERR.
-v, --verbose Write information and higher to STDOUT|STDERR.
-q, --quiet, --silent
 Only write errors and higher to STDOUT|STDERR.
-n=True, --no-warn-summary=True
 If multiple warnings occur in quiet mode, a summary error message is emitted. This switch suppresses it.
-o=['-'], --output-file=['-']
 One or more file paths where the output should be written to. Defaults to ‘-‘ which will write the output from a single input file to STDOUT. If multiple input files where given, and –in-place is not used then the number of output files must match the number of input files.
-i=False, --in-place=False
 Edit the input file(s) in place.
-p="debops/ansible", --preset="debops/ansible"
 Which preset to use. Default: “debops/ansible”.
-e, --config-kv
 Additional configuration, refer to the docs of yaml4rst for details.